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Point of Sale (POS) displays

Point of Sale – Display – Banner


For greater visibility and a limited budget VISU suggest to work with personalized Pop up or roll up displays. These are one of the easiest and most ideal displays to use in any trade fair. They are reusable anywhere due to their flexibility and lightweight.

POS is a powerful communication tool to capture potential customers. Our expertise will help you select compelling and right display stands to increase your connections and enhance your trading.

Points Of Sale are used in combination with viral advertising. Through this strategy the power of the promotional displays is strengthened by, for example, a push message (Bluetooth) or any kind of viral marketing like Facebook campaigns. This offers you the possibility to achieve additional brand awareness. VISU always applies the newest technology so you can rely on us for the creation of original and contemporary projects.


Visu - interactive display

Visu – interactive display

VISU helps you to share not just the feel, but also the look and style of your product thanks to the use of wide variety of products: Kakemono, touch screens with specific apps …

Of course, VISU can also vouch for the lettering of your stand, truck, shop window … We do both printing and cutting in our workshops.

At VISU everything is possible! Our consultants are happy to help, and make a success out of your idea.