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Communication and exhibition stands

Communication and exhibition stands

Our team has no limits. Small or large, basic or high-end, VISU will meet your expectations!

VISU offers a range of possibilities to meet your needs.

From large to small points of sale for basic and luxury products, with VISU anything is possible. We will create and adapt untill we achieve the ideal stand for your event.
VISU creates, designs and provides:

  • Traditional custom-made wooden stands
  • Aluminium custom-made mobile stands
  • Reusable stands

VISU refines your stand to the smallest detail. Furthermore you can choose from a wide range of possibilities in VISU for custom-made lettering out of recyclable materials. All projects are monitored by one of our experienced architects who are aware of all obligations and legal subtleties which characterize an efficient implementation of attractive stands.

VISU combines craftsmanship with advanced technology

The creation of each new state is increasingly seen as a full-fledged project. The VISU team delivers the best quality every time and leaves nothing to chance. While our employees to edit the materials chosen with fine carving, our IT specialists to improve your position by applying electrical outlets hidden under the counter or WiFi connection for your visitors. To use all the possible visual and viral marketing tools that are essential for the success of your event.

VISU without borders

The entire VISU team is willing to travel anywhere with a lot of enthusiasm. Whether to Rio de Janeiro or Vancouver or other European cities, VISU can meet all the requirements, regardless of where they come from. Like we did for the Longines Masters just to give you an example.


VISU also provides a range of logistics processes so you can reuse what you substantial savings. Your stands This way you can spend your next budgets deeper creativity and the latest communication capabilities.

Contact us if you would like more information about our IT solutions and managing your stock. Our consultant will help you get started with making the best choices so that you can get the most of your budget.